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1992LtoR-Emma Whitehurst- Linda Ekholm-Maria Pihlsgard and-Johanna1268261_10152209656763508_2133695866_oadar wesleyAndres Kale Marcusfr Cheryl Fehlberg 1974 - Shnat Australia מועדון w  Anne Henshaw.fr dan kaufman workshop 33fr dan kaufman2 workshop 33fr dan kaufman3 workshop 33fr Jay Z. Workshop 76-77 w Dvora Meyerfr John Marmarinos  picture of me around the time I was at the Kibbutz 1981.fr Karen Yechezkel at Polyziv 1983fr Peter Stremer home in the 80sfr Steve Hewit Debbie and the ladies at the Exodus cafe — with Monika Johansson.frAndy purim 1977 maybefrKaren Yechezkel John NortonfrKaren YechezkelfrkaterinaKfrkaterinaK2frLindaJ 81  Chaz  Doug  Me Sara  Chris  Moni  Robert Steve  Ram in front w Ram Sinclair  Christine Byrne.frLindJ  81 Christine Paula  Me Trish  Maureen.  Paula naked  w Christine Byrne  Pauline Dromey  Maureen ByrneJudith Hauser and Sandro DezulianiKaren Cousins todayKaterina KarnestamSeth TillowThe third girl from the left is Gretchen, that last girl is Ruth.  The man on the left is Phillip Furgle and Marco Monegattzrifארי גרוסמן התחתןfr katarina 1fr katarina 2fr katarina 3fr katarina 4fr katarina 5fr katarina 6fr katarina 7fr katarina Jamousfr katarina w-wheelfrKatarina maybe colette negermanthose were some days......from Eva 1992 - Copythose were some days......from Eva 1992with Julie Copestick1992. One german, Jills boyfriend from Scotland and Olivier from France at pool1992Barak Zimmerman, Aletha Van Der Westhuizen and Julie Copestick among others 1992 - CopyBarak Zimmerman, Aletha Van Der Westhuizen and Julie Copestick among others 1992Emma Whitehurst 1992 by eva holmqvist - CopyEmma Whitehurst 1992 by eva holmqvistEva Storås Fd Holmqvist '-Eva-Linda-Julie Copestick 1992 - CopyEva Storås Fd Holmqvist '-Eva-Linda-Julie Copestick 1992fr Eva Holmqvistfr Eva Holmqvist2fr Eva Storås Fd Holmqvist‎fr Eva Storås Fd Holmqvist1‎fr Eva Storås Fd Holmqvist‎2fr Eva Storås Fd Holmqvist3‎fr Eva Storås Fd Holmqvist‎4Jason Oates 92 by eva holmqvist - CopyJason Oates 92 by eva holmqvistJason Oates and others 92 by eva holmqvist - CopyJason Oates and others 92 by eva holmqvistMaria and dont know the brunett 1992 — w-Barak Zimmerman and Julie Copestick859407_233486343470108_30285798_o1146219_233486313470111_491597126_o1149174_233486180136791_740279123_o1167639_233486146803461_666298944_o1187107_233488503469892_1245566058_nfr yael lichman 7fr yael lichman 9fr yael lichman 10fr yael lichman 11fr yael lichman 12fr yael lichman 133494_10152228281567932_140666388_n (1)3494_10152228281567932_140666388_n1510822_10152228280782932_758418650_n1521826_10152228276287932_1658192708_n1521904_10152228277397932_1692144572_n1525161_10152228282307932_1352341107_nfr yael lichman 6fr yael lichman 12bfr yael lichman 13afr yael lichman-fr yael lichman--fr Yael Lichtman Versluys and kib.familyfr yael lichtmanfr Yael Lichman 1fr Yael Lichman 2fr Yael Lichman 3fr Yael Lichman 4fr yael lichman 6afr yael lichman 8afr yael lichman 8bfr yael lichman 8bbfr yael lichman 9afr yael lichman 9bfr yael lichman 10afr yael lichman 10bfr yael lichman 11afr yael lichman 11bfr yael lichman 12afr Vickey Heathfield 1989 bfr Vickey Heathfield 1989 cfr Vickey Heathfield 1989 efr Vickey Heathfield 1989 ifr Vickey Heathfield 1989.dfr Vickey Heathfield 1989fr Vickey Heathfield 1990 afr Vickey Heathfield 1990fr Vickey Heathfield 1990.safr Vickey Heathfield 1990.saafr Vickey Heathfield 1990.shfr Vickey Heathfield 1990.tfr Vickey Heathfield 1990.w saba grossmanfr Vickey Heathfield 1990bfr Vickey Heathfield 1990gfr Vickey Heathfield 1990rfr Vickey Heathfield ffr Vickey Heathfield hfr Vickey Heathfield k 1990fr Vickey Heathfield.gfr Vickey Heathfield.j - ori steinfeld, annete, Janefr Vickey Heathfieldfr vicky Heathfieldfr vicky Heathfield2fr vicky Heathfield3fr vicky Heathfield4fr vicky Heathfield5fr Suzie Liberman - 11th workshop- schmoozing on the givafr Suzie Liberman - amnon hadaryfr Suzie Liberman - Inez and Vic- 11th workshopfr Suzie Liberman - Yoel Isaacson, Z'L - 11th workshopfr Sandy Cameronfr sandy cameron2fr Sandy cameron3fr sandy cameron4fr sandy cameron5fr sandy cameron6fr sandy cameron7sandro 1sandro 2sandro 3sandro 4sandro 5sandro 6sandro 7sandro 8sandro 9sandro 10sandro 11sandro 12sandro 13sandro 14sandro 15sandro 16sandro 17sandro 18sandro 19sandro 20sandro 21sandro 22sandro 23sandro 24sandro 82 bsandro 82 dsandro 82 esandro 82 fsandro 82 gsandro 82 hsandro 82 isandro 82 jsandro 82 ksandro 82 lsandro 82fr sandro - Andrè and Marcofr sandro - Chateu from Hollandfr sandro - Franziska and Gretfr sandro - Franziskafr sandro - I'm, Helga and Philippfr sandro - jeton, Doorit and I'mfr sandro - Judith, Gret and Franziskafr sandro - Marco Monegat, Furgler Philipfr sandro - Martin from Germanyfr sandro - Mathildafr sandro - Philippfr sandro -fr sandro 4fr sandro 5fr sandro Purim in the bomb shelterfr sandro water heaterfr sandro. (2)fr sandro.fr sandrofr sandro-fr sandro--fr sandro1fr sandro2fr sandro3 sandrofr sandro3fr sandroefr sandroofr sandrrosandrto dezulianiWith Helga van Wijnsberghe, Andy-Lysiane Crawshaw-Becker and Karen Cousins fr Sandro Duzhlianifr sandro - anatfrRavit - katarinafrRavit -katarina w ravitfrRavit- ravit w katarinafr Ravit Fishbein - Katarina w Eitanfr peter st hocus-pocusfr peter st new1fr peter st new2fr peter st new3fr peter st new4fr Peter Stremer Volunteer quartersfrPeterStremem Purim 1983 Peter and PeterfrPeterStremer cleaning girls of  Guest house 1981family 1975fitz 1975fitz waine davidfr Neil Brier w nava baer 1975fr neil brier with ofra and horses 1975Hila M. w Neil Brier 1975IMG_2067IMG_2068IMG_2069IMG_2070IMG_2071view from ghהילה מלינובסקי 1975משפ' דנוף 1975שער 1975fr Mary Ellisfr Mary ellis - Stan the man behind the bar and Dean Sharr sittingfr mary ellis Christmas 1981 and reunion 82 (2)fr mary ellis Christmas 1981 and reunion 82...Christinefr mary ellis Christmas 1981 and reunion 82..gfr mary ellis Christmas 1981 and reunion 82.fr mary ellis Christmas 1981 and reunion 82fr mary ellis Christmas 1981 and reunion 82Bfr mary ellis Christmas 1981 and reunion 82.Pauline Dromeyfr mary ellis Christmas 1981 and reunion 82Cfr mary ellis Christmas 1981 and reunion 82dfr mary ellis Christmas 1981 and reunion 82ffr mary - aap, Michael, Roger, Anna andfr mary - Jo, Chaz, Lauren and Johnfr mary - John, Janine Glick (South Africa) and Chazfr mary 82fr mary 1982fr mary c - 1982fr mary c - John and chazfr mary c - marielle and maryfr mary c --82fr mary c 1982fr mary cowan - 1982fr mary cowan - Jenny-al-elsfr mary cowan 1982fr mary -Marielle and Jaap De Vriesfr mary82fr marycowan 82mark 1983amark 1983bmark 1983cmark 1983dmark 1983emark 1983fmark 1983gmark 1983hmark 1983imark 1983jmark 1983kmarkElton 1983markElton 1983bmarkElton 1983cmarkElton 1983dfr karen c 83-84 Liora (the adult) holding her baby+the kidsfr Karen c 5fr karen c 6fr karen c 7fr karen c 9fr karen c 11fr karen c 12fr Karen c 22fr Karen C 83-4fr karen c bfr karen c cfr karen c dfr karen c ffr karen cc 8 John Norton and Anne Loftus on the right; Diane in frontfr karen ccfr karen cefr kren c cfr2 Karen C 83-4fr karen - ayelet and shacharfr karen - Mickey Myersfr karen - shachar ayelet shanovfr karen c 0fr karen c 1fr karen c 2fr karen c 3fr Karen c 4fr ingrid Tour to Montfort Castle 1984fr ingrid - Helga 1984fr ingrid - ilana wesleyfr ingrid - Jeremy Koff - 1982fr ingrid 1982 to Jerusalemfr ingrid -At the Pool 1983 Jaap de Vries and Bas Hallenfr ingrid bunse - Jaap de Vriesfr ingrid Debbie from Cape Town. In our Room 1984.fr ingrid Folk Dancing at Achzivfr ingrid Franziska Meier  Germany working at Childrens Housefr ingrid - 1982 עם עמוס ושושנה סנדרסfr ingrid - 1982fr ingrid - amos and Dafna Stavyfr dvoram we did a skit about the bananas! That's Nomi and me and Noam Stopak9900_10200362460799882_443431880_n599670_10200362419478849_428525318_n1234026_10200362448839583_1867789795_n1236443_10200362460399872_932399379_n1237160_10200362463559951_524972608_ndvora m Rueben and his doo-wah girls... we sang 'teenager in love' in Hebrewdvora meyersfr 2dvora meyersfr d meyer Henryfr d meyer Janet, Reuben, Dodi, Henryfr d meyer Jay Zelinsky who's playing my guitar, and Glenn Wissnerfr d meyer- Stephanie Biro-carmen, Dodi Klimoff and Janet Goldman and dvora meyerfr d meyer Stephanie Biro-carmenfr d meyer the gang — with Benjamin Laden and Jay Zelinskyfr dvora having some Halloween fun — with Beryl Elenbogen, Benjamin Laden, Caren Berg Goldberg and Jessica Ratner Nadler infr dvora m -fr dvora m Jay Zelinsky rocking it outfr dvora m me and DJ Rafi from the Disco Merymaidfr dvora m me and my old boyfriend Gabi Edrifr dvora mfr dvora m--fr dvora me with the book, being sat on by Jay Zelinsky who's playing my guitar, and Glenn Wissnerfr dvora meyer Gesher HaZiv anniversary party out in the fieldsdfr dvora meyers - dvora and Naomi and Noam Stopakfr dvora meyersfr dvora meyers2fr dvoram 1. penguinfr dvoram 1fr dvoram 5fr dvoram 12fr dvoram 13fr dvoram 14fr dvoram Sukkot on the kibbutz. Dodi and Rueben setting up. 10-8-76.fr3 dvora meyersfr4 dvora meyersGlenn Wissner and Jay ZelinskyJay Zelinskykibbutz family the Casinets 2kibbutz family the CasinetsLeo from Amsterdamme and Stephanie Biro-carmen rough housing in our cabinRandy from CanadaRoni and Stephanie Biro-carmenSderot Gaaton in Nahariya; that's Leon Biton posing by the horse carriagesStephanie Biro-carmen 2Stephanie Biro-carmen as Patti SmithStephanie Biro-carmen1618498_884591061559075_3442949124351716674_n1798701_884591394892375_6946408336817474895_n10175978_884591454892369_1359391889043810234_n10358862_884591231559058_3199205676676380360_n10417570_884591254892389_2323509192700805049_n10418962_884591421559039_6054237547654088802_n10433691_884591348225713_710158565191972900_n10628143_884591371559044_2200973093770365342_n10629579_884591044892410_2128042347940017191_n10645042_884591541559027_444845141767110837_n10670243_884591288225719_3111094708779694725_n10678868_884591121559069_1989335779746914770_n10689436_884591314892383_6766708161285868456_n10698635_884590821559099_7761580680061076067_n10703574_884591081559073_7464793084851021001_n1011684_884591561559025_8856587988649254978_n1450939_884591154892399_4848194582973836267_n1455182_884591174892397_2626668501835793988_n1461104_884591581559023_8657373570171047668_n1496696_884591521559029_2573552322966261365_nDebbie Stein Staniland 84fr Debbie Stein 2fr Debbie Stein 3fr Debbie Stein 5fr Debbie Stein 6fr Debbie Steinfr Debbie Stein4colin at andy's weddingfr colin lewis - shacharfr colin Lewis (2)fr colin lewisfrom colin lewis w vickyfr cheryl ffr cheryl f2fr cheryl f3fr cheryl f4fr cheryl f5fr cheryl f6fr cheryl f7fr cheryl f8fr cheryl f74 Nomi w Dalia, Nir, Sagan and a little cutiefr Cheryl Fehlberg  1974fr Cheryl Fehlberg 1974 Amir, Assaf, Ilana my familyfr Cheryl Fehlberg 1974 Amir, Assaf, Ilana, savta my familyfr Cheryl Fehlberg 1974 Eddie, Ilana, Assaf, and Amirfr Cheryl Fehlberg 1974 my familyfr Cheryl Fehlberg 1974 Shnat  Australia. First day of work on the kibbutz in tomatoesfr Cheryl Fehlberg 1974 Shnat Australia first day of work w Anne Henshaw and Harry Bryce.fr Cheryl Fehlberg 1974 Shnat Australia our מועדון wAnne Henshaw.fr Cheryl Fehlberg 1974, a volunteer on Kibbutz Gesher Hazivfr Cheryl Fehlberg 1974fr Cheryl Fehlberg1974 -fr Cheryl Fehlberg1974 --fr Cheryl Fehlberg1974 Nomi, Dalia, Nir, Sagan and--fr Billi 1fr Billi wStevefrBili 1980frBili Solverson wPatricia LefevrefrBilli  Ayal Amzel Noam Nir and Sharon DinurfrBilli 2frBilli 1980 club medfrBilli at club med 1980frBilli eyal and LonifrBilli Noam  Dov Ayelet  Sharon  AyalfrBilli SolvermanfrBilli w Tzvika and Steve13407261_1793691597533490_7634129700550238362_n13412972_1793691687533481_2693122046270472788_n13417688_1793691737533476_3206487683772525022_n13434962_1793691664200150_3335926677476821600_nfr ayelet1975-7 —fr ayelet395857_10150726891453508_1585949116_n407151_10150726896973508_319986359_n429406_10150726897883508_1232927921_nentrancefr ayelet - הצוות בבית הספר המקומי, פורים 1975-7 — ‎with ‎‎‎כרמלה נאמfr ayelet - שבועות — ‎with ‎‎Gefen Hadary, ‎‎תרצה בן דוד‎, ‎מרים וסלfr ayelet ..fr ayelet -fr ayelet Asher Nir, Moshe Michael Danoff, Shimi Elkon and Zohar Malinovsky.fr ayelet Ilan S, Moshe D, Yifat Z, Shai G , Tirtsa B  D , Gadi St , Boaz Dovrin and Evi K .fr ayelet Oded Gershoni, Liron Malinovsky, Shachar Malinovsky and Yifat Zmora Doron.fr ayelet w ori zmora and eitan shariffr ayelet With Karen Yehezkel, Moshe Michael Danoff and Ilan Sharif.fr ayelet with moshe danof and shimi elkonfr ayelet with ori and eitanfr ayelet With Ram Sinclair and Moshe Michael Danoff (2)fr ayelet With Ram Sinclair and Moshe Michael Danofffr ayelet zfr ayelet -zzfr ayelet --zzfr ayelet סתוונית עולים לכיתה א' — ‎with ‎‎Yifat Zmora  ‎חזי שהם  and Moshe Michael Danoff‎.‎fr ayelet סתוונית עולים לכיתה א'fr ayelet עם ברק תמירfr ayelet.fr ayeletfr ayelet=z=zfr ayelet1fr ayelet2fr ayelet3fr ayelettfr ayelettzzfr ayeletzfr ayelet-zfr ayelet-z-fr ayeletzz With Nir Gershony, Yitzchak Silver, Koby Cohn, Hagar Tivon, Shimi Elkon and Smadar Hadaryfr ayeletzz-fr ayeletzz--fr ayelet-zzfr ayelet-zz-fr ayeletzzzfr ayelet-zzzfr ayletpurimWith Ram Sinclair and Moshe Michael Danoffהגיע מאילת10616416_10204880080218679_3655989623690510784_n10635799_10204880082178728_6012366946297774729_n10685532_10204880076978598_8095774139807078015_n10690179_10204880070138427_7494558203415940039_nfr ArieLewis Levin Shavuot 65fr ArieLewis Levin Shjavuot 1965fr ArieLewis LevinBig John fr Andy-Lysiane 77fr andy - Debbie again, with Beth and Trevorfr andy - me and Ari  Grossmanfr andy - Mr Z and Miss S 76-7fr andy (2)fr andy (3)fr andy (4)fr andy (5)fr andy 76fr andy -Debbie Beth and Trevorfr andy soccorfr andy trip to Jerusalem in 82fr andy with mom the bananchikfr andy שער הקיבוץfr andy.fr andyfr andy-lysianefr andy-lysiane 82fr andy-lysiane bfrAndy 77 at the pool. Jim, Alan, Fiona, David.frAndy Purim 76 with Indian Roy D and Queen SeemafrAndyfrAndy-Lysiane Crawshaw-Becker 77 Jim, Alan, Fiona, Davidfro andyfrom andy76 withYvonne, Joe, Patcha and Shlomo - fr andy798323_160242867503852_1574251689_o1150981_10201343753489070_264694763_o1265807_160243240837148_494339801_o1269844_160243097503829_355138450_oArak and pineapple juice with Andy, Andy,Jim, Jay, Fiona and Trevor. fr andy1271646_160509230810549_2127435664_o11080556_359551667572970_7850879914499500080_oP1020579w Philip Lapkinדוד עליון Lois Adlerחג הביקורים בננות

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